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Collection Nathan W. Daniels Diary and Scrapbook


A chronology of key events in the lives of Nathan W. Daniels (1836-1867) and his wife Cora L. V. Richmond (1840-1923).

Nathan W. Daniels

  • 1836, May 10

    Born in New York, to Dr. Jared W. Daniels (1790-1849) and Susan Daniels

  • 1858, Sept 4

    Death of first wife Henrietta (“Etta”), within months of the birth of son Waldo K. Daniels. Waldo lived primarily with Daniels’s mother in Ohio.

  • 1862, Oct.

    Enlisted in the 2nd Regiment of the Louisiana Native Guard (hereafter “2nd Regiment”), New Orleans, La.

  • 1863, Jan. 12

    Arrived with 2nd Regiment at Ship Island, off the Gulf Coast of Mississippi

  • 1863

    2nd Regiment participated in battle of East Pascagoula, Miss., on, Apr. 9

    Daniels left Ship Island for New Orleans on Apr. 29

    Arrested in May while on leave of absence in New Orleans on charge of using too much lumber for construction of batteries at Ship Island and accusation of “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman;” court-martial not convened and Daniels never tried

    Dismissed from the army in August

    Arrived in Washington, D.C., in November; primary residence for next eighteen months

  • 1865

    Appointed in June as Collector of Internal Revenue for Second District of Louisiana

    Arrived in New Orleans on Aug. 2

    Married spiritualist Cora L. V. Scott Hatch in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 8

  • 1866

    Lecture tour with wife Cora

    Moved to western New York

    Daughter Henrietta born on Sept. 27 (d. 1867)

  • 1867

    Confirmed as “Register under the Bankrupt Act for the 4th District of Louisiana”; returned to New Orleans, La.

    Oct. 2, died of yellow fever, New Orleans, La.

Cora L. V. Scott Hatch Daniels Tappan Richmond

  • 1840, Apr. 21

    Born Cora L. V. Scott, near Cuba, N.Y., to David W. Scott, Jr. (d. 1853) and Lodencia Veronica Butterfield Scott

  • 1850

    Family moved to Christian Socialist community of Hopedale, near Milford, Mass.

  • 1851

    Family moved to Waterloo, Wisc.

    First demonstrated her ability to communicate with the spirit world

  • 1854

    Returned to New York after father’s death; became Spiritualist speaker in Buffalo, N.Y.

  • 1856

    Moved to New York, N.Y.

    Married Dr. Benjamin Hatch in Attica, N.Y., on Aug. 7; Hatch became her manager

  • 1858

    Began proceedings to divorce Dr. Benjamin Hatch

  • 1865, Dec. 8

    Married Col. Nathan W. Daniels (1836-1867) of New Orleans, La., after her divorce from Dr. Benjamin Hatch was finalized in the fall

  • 1866

    Lecture tour with Col. Daniels

    Daughter Henrietta born on Sept. 27 (d. 1867)

  • 1867, Oct. 2

    Husband Nathan W. Daniels died of yellow fever

  • 1869

    Married Col. Samuel F. Tappan (1831-1913)

  • 1872

    First tour in England

  • 1876

    Became minister of First Society of Spiritualists, Chicago, Ill.

    Divorced from Col. Samuel F. Tappan on Oct. 10

    Married William Richmond on Oct. 12; Richmond was a member of her Chicago congregation who stenographically recorded her trance lectures for publication

  • 1893

    Delivered lecture on Spiritualism at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, Ill.

    Founder and vice president of the National Spiritualist Association

  • 1923, Jan. 2

    Died, Chicago, Ill.

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