student/intern Administrative Support Clerk (GS-3, Office Automation, Temporary, Open to All)

  • Hosting Service Unit: Copyright
  • Program Contact: [email protected]
  • Interests/Areas of Study: Office Automation
  • Citizenship: Inquire Within
  • Application Period: Ongoing
  • Application Notes: This opportunity is open to all. The work schedule is flextime, Monday thru Friday, up to 40 hours per week. Part-time or full-time. The desired start date for the position is September 17, 2018. Application and Selection Process: Interested Candidates should, prepare a resume with a one-page statement (cover letter) expressing interest in this opportunity, along with a description of their qualifications that includes current work experience, education and training related to the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below. o The ability to search online databases. o The ability to communicate effectively with staff. Candidates should submit the required documents above to the Copyright Office Administrative Services Office, [email protected] August 31, 2018. Applicant information will be reviewed and the top qualified candidates will be interviewed.
  • Compensation: GS-3 Series: 0303
  • Academic Credit: The Library does not provide academic credit, but you may arrange with your school in advance to receive credit.
  • Available Benefits: With Benefits
  • Program Duration: Short-term. 120 Days (part-time or full-time)
  • Qualifications: The ability to search online databases. The ability to communicate effectively with staff.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Public Records and Repositories (PRR) is responsible for preserving, maintaining, and servicing copyright-related records in physical and digital formats. Staff of the Office of Public Records and Repositories retrieve materials for court cases, perform searches and write search reports based on registered materials and other copyright records, provide certified and non-certified copies of copyright deposits, additional certificates and other copyright records, maintain the official records of the office, and respond to inspection requests from members of the public or Congress. Staff also publicly record documents pertaining to copyright, including documents that transfer copyright ownership, thereby contributing to the world’s largest database of records of copyright ownership.

The Records Research and Certification Section conducts searches in the Copyright Office records, prepares reports on the copyright facts of record (including certified search reports), responds to questions from the public regarding the records of the Copyright Office; provides guidance on searching the records; maintains the Copyright Catalog files and associated assignments; provides additional certificates, certified and non-certified copies of deposits and records; responds to inspection requests and in-process search requests. This position is the Support Assistant in the Records Research and Certification Section. This position is accountable to the Records Research and Certification Supervisor. While performing daily activities, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring proper handling and security of all Library and Copyright Office materials.

During this temporary appointment opportunity, the incumbent will support a special project including but not limited to the following duties:

    • Remove, transport and re-shelve books
    • Place security strips in record books
    • Place identifying barcodes on record books
    • Other office related duties as assigned when needed