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Program National Recording Preservation Plan

Blogs & Oral Histories

This collection of links highlights some related blogs that discuss topics closely related to the National Recording Preservation Plan's mission.

  • “The Signal” Digital Preservation (Library of Congress)
    A multi-contributor blog, maintained by the Library of Congress, devoted to digital preservation issues.
  • Preservation Sound External
    Chris Sanchez’s blog devoted to audio technology, techniques, recordings, and hardware with a historical slant, including many reproductions of relevant documents.
  • Jazzwax External
    Author and journalist Marc Myer’s daily blog addressing all things jazz.
  • Modern Mechanix External
    Reproductions of articles from historical science and technology magazines, including numerous pieces on radio and recorded sound developments and inventions.
  • The Vitaphone Project External
    Blog devoted to The Vitaphone Project, created to recover shellac soundtrack discs that accompanied 1926-1930 Vitaphone (and other) talkie shorts and features, and to partner with studios, archives, and private collectors to restore these films.
  • Richard Hess's Tape Restoration Resources External
    Audio technician and engineer Richard Hess shares expert knowledge, experience, and resources pertaining to media formats, history, and archival practices on this site.
  • AVPreserve External
    Chris Lacinak, founder and president of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions, produces this blog on preservation issues.
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