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f Ais5ssrl ENGLISH D A1 VV f UIUHft ;,s.,. I
j aar section KUwlVl 5tllMPQ"a'a-, I
yTMONDAY, DEC. 18, 1944 ,lMa, DENVER, COIRADo"" I NjLr '.:,UMK 1! NUMBER 1R fl
?MomlttcE0N !1II1EX.D5 N0T investigation Of fTIMSON SCORES lirGravc Error Of fUlMY WILL PERMIT APPROVED EVACUEES I
mdo??LTJE?x. 'G? fR ENOUGH" Land Titles Urged KCT OF HOOD Ipolicy," Says Group fro RETURN TO THE PACIFIC COAST I
UKAjtD BY JACL Tentative nsssurances from tho War J ?IVER LEGIOfil I Sacramento H. J. McClatchy, exec -I Japanese evacuees in Colorado ami would i etui n to the West Torn. 1 M
department to California Congress- San Francisco Systematic scarcl J witi itive secretary of the California .lointlother stntes will be allowed to luturi) No immediate influx of Jnpanose to iH
Salt Lake City Calling on Presi- mo. thnt tner 3,'10 immediate In- of Japanese land titles in each of tin n A Immigration Committee, todav con-fto their old homes on the West Coast the Wet Coast is expected. Maj. Gen. H
dent Roosevelt to issue Invitations for "'lonf ?f ctl!'"B Jnpancso en 58 counties of California to detormnii "d,,J v" &tot ,x demned the wartime return of Japa-faftcr January 2 if thlr loyalty m Henry C. Pratt, commanding general M
White House conference on minor!- mn8s. to Pacific Coast are all right whether there are hidden violations- o cross the nation tonlfnt against the neRe to thc Pftdfic Coagt flB ft vrovcn the lirmy nm,ouncwl yexter of the Western Defense Command. fl
fc ties, tho National JACL conference w? y g' 1Ut thy d "ot B ho,nI,01n ,a,ld law wa proposed yet ?2J .nMifSl Jnpn"os error of policy," but declared that tho day in San "rnneisco. said yesterday. A few Japanese at a
held Dec. 1-3 here made a number ofiV0S" t 4, .terday by Sen. George J. Hatfield o ca" "k "?njg'mp U!e "00(; rights of those who are allowed t Thc mass exclusion order, which time will he returned after the WRA
decisions. 1 Ho btates from which tho Japanese Merced County at a session hero o tlvcr Amer'cnrt lcgWi tost roll of COm0 back to their former homes musl has been in ctrcct for two years, will has made oirangemcnts for them, he H
In Its petition to the President tho Z mC L T ,ai! n mcnuro are the State Senate Fact-Finding Com "or' jif r w oo protected. 1 be lifted at midnight January 2 be- added.
Lcaguo pointed but that tho domestic fl", ,th pin,'", thnt ifc wou,d be ,,nlttco of JPn"esc Resettlement. But, m fnco of cpmMont from War Mmtary authorities who ordered th cause an enemy invasion of the Went The War Department stressed that H
i problems of minorities is of growing T'0 Permit the return of anyl Approximately $300,000 already ha ,ecretary Stimson Hrtt such act on rciocatlon of thu jftpuncse nfter Pearl Coast no longer is a "substantial po- Japanese have been under thorough
national concern, especially typified in ,nt n"mbcr of Japanese at ;any been recovered by tho State In suit was wholly IneonsMcnt with tho.Hnrbor hnve nowcd the Japanese t.l sibillty," the Western Defense Com- investigation since Pearl Harbor, and H
tho wartime treatment of persons of :,m L "B the1war,,T,,,rca8ons, hvo Jnstitutcd by the Attorney General' American ideal of democracy, and a rcturn as ft C8ult of n contlnun J mnnd announced. that dUlnynl ..nes have Leon weeded I
If Japanese descent. Negro aspirations, XP arc. sti11, 4off ice against alien Japanese now ii ?pron,,Vim tar Jn ly. pressure from the War Relocation! INQUIRE IIEFOKK LKAVINCJ 'out. 11 said conduct of Japanese units k
anti-Semiticism, thc Spanlsh-speaklng S'l ?ywr Wf Au, add,iw-R-A. centers, Deputy Attorney Gen n J" e "ood V01' p0Bt stood Authorily nml other intel.e8tfl 8Clfi8i,4 According to a report made by the of the army "has .-how,, conclusively I
groups In the United States and its lllt Mllt tha,t ivcst.crn cities areleral Theodore A. Westphal Jr. told th. M ?rC"0,"p, PnvM, ly seeking some gain for thcmselvcs,"Denver IJureau of Public Welfare last that it is possible to make sound judg- I
If efTect on good neighbor policy, and the JwTu yn S fhousi"g, and thacommlttee. T The Hood River Pooxplalned pre- McClathy told tho cxecutivc .1 fiin- r. K.nU they meats s,,tj, their loyalty." J
k status of Orientals in tho US in re- Y, 1 p, to put them' BU-'"-' iously t,hat strong opposition in the t f J CnlifornJn Dennrtment f llW','l'llfwA.y;t.,ll Jiff H
i latlon tn thn AnJnf- K t a ln rc lJkcly to be unt 1 tho war is over. I rca to the return of, Japanese Amer-I:, a i uaill01.nin p n c iftriC D IfZWTQ I Kl 4.7 TATF? JJWk M
nolnted out Z P t Wf To ay thnt there is no Immediate noxt month Th War Departmeni lns from relocationcntcrs had ln- Sq Rm r, n i P,LC V .,ICj6HTb N v i f
'such eonSLrn "C.CeSSary item8 for intention of returning Jnps K is not shou,d bo moro 8Pcif.c Ipfeed Ithnemsuroof (Ko names. I. Su.c a rpt4urn' J K?1 Baid- tfTF" jTf 1 Los AT ,Krou",y nd"n-
such conference. 'b i ma is not !nfii(Mi!m f Lt,.i, t t F iIMMii'itrrii Ml, bound to create a spirit of unrest and ccpting California oi the Pacifi ing agitation to bar evacuated Japa- M
Tho assembly also moved that the fcteSLn tlrrownv SUCt n Jbi'dSilS!1? WANT ADSfiblY must ""y 'Urease the protec Coast. j nese fiom to r-allfornta as
sy farming projects developed by relo-lintention tomorrow, or next week or J "JJ" .1 WAN I AU5IODAY live c(rorts of those nRoncie3 charged MUriiry t lhe of RiKhll nn, H
cation center residents be made avail-fofSfci?! bear." and nerhans more To. A n For Sn,e: Nlcc 9"rm house ln six with 8ccurity measures. But our com- Coach PctC Ida GlVCn something that should not be permit- H
nblo to discharged veterans, especially mhhHH leg Times pwlmp" moic Los A"K J.pts.; $3,G00; 2223 Stejlt St. Call TA. mittce is unanimous in holding that if J1" l ,uu v;"T,, I l!llt Asstant WRA nil.cctor u. H I H
to niseis who have been evacuated and PHDT A Rl C DAPiinc T Miiim M16. A the miliUiry authorities revoke previ- "raise By VOmmentatOr i7.wm declined at the Junior Cham- M
whoso limitd means made difficult H "vRIADLt KAUlUb F "6f' ous orders as to the Japanese then -v her of Commerce meeting. i M
yktheir desire to reestablish themsolvesJB Universal Radio Service Wanted: General house work for those who are American citizens nre Omaha, Neb. Sports Commentate "It is difficult for me," he said, "to H
'7vd families. jjr Jokoiioe iiikotsu D20 imi at., nonvej; 1108-18th St., Denver 2, Colo. ?lr, ?75 Pcr month Jj'lus room and legally entitled to move freely nny Torn Dailey for Station WOW. recent understand how the Hill of Rights can .H
S. X OutHinniihur uxpert umiio Kneinrer X i vw"ioJSS0 ,ath. Small, congenljl family. No place in the United States, not ex-fly broadcast a Btory about Coach Pet function in '17 states anil not in Call- i C H
IVfARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED JiISJ "pn'Ju' for 1&PViXM?S -(,okinK or 'sundry. T?.: DE. 0938 1 1 .w4Ida of Beshler, Nebraska, high school! fornln."
T v iiionoKrnpn pick-up. 'ff JimHoii ironn iiotpintei ))3')ooc .v.v.vav.v.vav.-aw.vv:-a.-:w:- where he handles the football L ht4Mwi m
t I? 7,nmaSi,ita and Larcno nno 'j Ifc ?jrSLr,S. w.,re-,Ir?" cowl. O puf. Your Older In ft Trrrrrrrrm nm.Ua, Coach Ida's team won all but one "i-tmctors views about democracy i H
both of 1860 Lawrence St. rHHHHHHHHHHH 8CM" S 5, r V T M 0 ageya111 Barber Sm) Francisco bo. ,,e ntlt.mi. and commended him for his coaching H
buKS ?of 817 o77rt;nm,Yn- t ),(,,co y NOW For Yojr NCW k 1227 20th st Dcnver, Colorado: ed Stanford University ,u,d graduated record H
suko Monya of 817 27th St. NAN HAYANO j)3-0()()0: 5 Sa-kt l from University of Nebraska Dailey Jp ki'I'OKTFD H
yj- Associated Tailors U DUFF HOTEL A yillLO MASAMUNeI m reviewed the nisei physical education Mr. H' M Krank p. of
rOll ThA vwSuils and coats ranging in prices A H TAKARA MASS.MUNE fi 4iii4444444iJ j....,................., 2543 15th St., a girl. I M
iB from $11.90 to $42.46. Wonderful H 17K1 ft RAKUEN Hrands I) Recommended by many reputable ft m wwrwwfWVWHVfWW H
ag H a Kclcction of matrials. We w be 5 n o m S y fi Nisei of Colorado ffi Pi nD V rrr -r -r-, n Anm 1
Other Hnnrl K,ad t0 bc of scrvicc l0 yu- Come (1 Denver 2, Colorado Please do notjftnd in fit R T YnTTMr B UH. Y. ITO iji LUCKY FLORIST X-
tlll IIUIIU in. call or write to mc. H f) Money Orders U n. L,. IWUlNwT jj. Dentist 'Corsaces Wcddlnr Hououeta H
ByRoyM.Takono TAbor 6752 1754, Champa St. Lhrgc, Clean X t Insurance Agency $j A t uu n u K FhTral Sjw fl
1 1 DcnvAr, Colo. Steam Heated Rooms S Full Lino of American, t rft4 44 ntJ ft Associated with Dr. T. Ito "cs,BnH
I' U Running Hot and Cold f II Canadian WJiUkies V 604 Patterson Bldg. S Hi Res. TA. 8782 Office KE. 1077 nl Phone MAIn 7101 J.7.10 20th St. M
-FAVORITE PASTIME ry'T4bNMWVWj;'f' in Each Room (Is PARAMOUNT VQUORS X$ Denver, Colorado i 830 18th S. Denver, Colorado ill Denver, Colorado H
AfavorHo Pastime of the boys of HOME FRUIT &SU TOKO FUJII Pron Mli?1 fell r............ I'!1 .MM i UU
tho Goulen West today IS a seeming- l W i V auivu 1 UJII, 1 rop. I 00007C()0C x-nv-v-nn-v- !::::!i:t::t:h::::i::::::!t::::!:::i:!:s::!lt:hit::::::::::::::::::::::: -v-n-vv-sn--nn-v H
ly inexpensive one, consisting merely t.-. A 1 (),c0Ki BSlsaiHimsanHmiaaHHHBi! hiH:ijbn. t m FH
of voicing opinions publicly to the of- VEGETABLE CO. 1 )oc()co:) p! g YdmartlOtO McDcrmott Williamson T. K. Pharmacy
feet that, in their considered (or tin- f 4X p. 0, H ClflrlC JlCaketfl Barber Shop )t Phone MAin 9631 Prescriptions Filled H
considered) opinion, the "Japs ought Y Customers Welcomed 3 Art DeaUIV SaiOIl U ::::iliBV IV"VW m:::: ww t j Free City Delivery H
to Uo kept out of California." t Special Attention Paid j SPECIAL j;:': BARBEL iji; 1836 Larimer St. SZ n"'X'2 I"ub",nn 2700 Larimer St.
against tho lives of any dauntless bIomc Public MkilTldg. KE. 5685? oooooo mmsmmmmsWBmmam HHWHHHW .oST
Japanese American who would still V 15th and California Sts. 3 tp'":!!:!i:!H::iig!!;i8i: Hattery Charging. Washing, II JH
I care to go back; tho mayhem to be It Denver, Colorado -J Ii! pnn mAJTr. 11 SPECIALIZE IN PERMANENT WAVING M Greasing. Tires. Hattcrics, U M
committed by returning war veterans. wMnMrfifaAAaABrfnNKfrrfd ii J"K AA&A 1 iii nUHCUT RPHTTTY IX "ccapping 5 m
This snowball of reaction against "ZtTTTT B TC A DJT I kl Wl IB 0 H A r 5,t A JimiXlie's Motor fl
tho rnturning evacuees bears watch- AffJ?J2JJS2? -JSSS81 1 I E.A Httl I INN !i SALON qorvir B
fulscLlny, not so n,uch for tho rea- NEW OXFQRD HOTEL ii T I I I J (Opposite Postofflce) X rFTJTTO 0 fl
iwW-SBiTfcP08ed fcy tho objectors, as in C. HIGA, Prop. ii UNUSUAL DISHES AMERICAN CONTINENTAL Ii U MPiuiniNf- X H
L thought on tho vholo issue ofminorl- flbosito N.P. 0epot Phono 6084 jjj 1814 Larimer St. Denver, Colorado MAin 9849 j J Florence Building Tfcttrtm noorj f -V j ji XJ YEdX. IroIefor ll fl
Skties comprising tho American peopleJiftaWtfWWtWWWtfWrtntvo ww ni::::!Ix;i:iH:i!si::--isH!'l;::l::I'"::::':ia"::::::::":::::;::i:::::rrx::::::r::tr:ri::As::::xT::::-x':r CXIXICSCWICIC: H

Hours 11-12, 2-4 By Appointment J
830 Eighteenth Street Denver, Colo. S
GRand 5923 HOME
The Rocky Shimpo H
rvrrpt l!i Ian wrk in DrrcmKrr H
Trlplion Kl:!ine 0883 H
P. O. Itox 720 B
Roy M. Takeno Tctsuko Toda H
One Month 60 ctnu H
Six M.,nthi JJ.Jf H
One Ytar ...$6.01 H
6 renti xr( ropv in Caiuda
Tntcrcd ai "tul Ijii Mufcr a! I 'oil Office
in I)i.ncr, C olurada

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Rokkī shimpō = Rocky shimpo (Denver, Colo.), December 18, 1944
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Rocky shimpo
Rockii shimpo
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Denver, Colo., December 18, 1944
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-  Daily (except Sunday and holidays), Dec. 10, 1945-
-  Began in Apr. 1943.
-  Ceased June 6, 1961.
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