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B .Ji xSS Utsj.iK a 1
D I itk.NM 1iTnJOJji JSLfJJ&fjMfl Nis.iV.S5Ur REVEALS 5,428 To Be Headach FOR RELOCATION 1
H m.ri 1MJrCf CJVl4rnqJA lnC.nJMj.s.ii. JAPANESE CHECKED Ju?n?r I
m: 1J f I g I Washington Hundreds of alter 3tntcs brought with them $40,000- VAJIVilVil I ICC YwrilV
bbB tmms w i enemies In all parts of the countrj headache for Finance Officer Col rhirtum The nnnnintmnnt of I
H MONDAY, DEC. 24, 1945 DENVER, .COLORADO VOLUME MO. 159 2nttn fa dSGTSS Kr" fifS TS Jieph C" KXariK' Chatflnfl CoSy T. Kwa?aki aTExecutive Dl- 1
m ""H" 0,l!r bol? rcst,re(1 ,home COm' ,"1 l 8et "P waterfront 0fnhiS5J5 SUwSS I
H fcEMfcf DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES AT SOCIAL AFFAIR IMPRPESSES NMf ITER SaBffiiBf?ialffi.Jffi KclT'" m n nlont,, for f? fh ?Y2 n,8cl I
.H WkkVU- ,J4W u f Edltqr OEcarWhltenack of the Den. wo should, on thiJntrnry,harec. one Bulgarian. M center. "We g'
H:. WMMngton President Truman on been dlscrlmlnatloh in the transfer Ver Post Open Forum yesterday re- ognized their couriwe in maintainimr Attorney General Clark was asked i cAC C"D I ADAM mn7 of Mr. Kawasaki s executive ex-
m fccjuber 20 revealed that thero has and jo-employmcnt of wartime Rov-Icoived this fetter concerning Japanese tffi loyalty fo tftr B(ptcd Sir? today If the Department of Justice LEAVE FOR JAPAN PSXi mFtXmmAwJ? fl
H J ernment employees to peacotimo Americans in Denver, from May West try. Hence, I waspartieuhtrly inter- intends to make public names and ad- Portland, Ore. A Pmall community th, En"1'" J""' Japanese as dircc- m
Lw riM TWTP -rVTWPn TIBTUn scrvic,, 80lely bccauso of race nnd Owen, to which, ho had repliod: "I cstcd a short tiiSeTiiKo in their con-' foot "s of those who worts interned, of Japanese, totalling 2.927 persons t0h.BXvlv nnnointn,! illrnrfor hpn 1
m JJ1 iTUbXJTtlLtt HANL creed.'' have heard nothing to the contrary, difct at n dance wMth hald held in tho Pooled or deported. were preparing to sail for the home Tho V nm? ffS"
M By Key M. Take. Tho President ordered all govern- Havo you 7 I hotel where I reW. The comparison A This information has been withheld land on December 20 aboard th J rvn Mui 1
K ,r r, ment off ices to ceaso the practice of Miss West's letter follows: between those natifialited citizens and throughout tho war. Tho reason given stcamphip General W. H. Gordon. I' 1,1"! l?Ynf n, w t? fl
m ifvnhiTimnvivciTirv any discrimination and to comply wth I have observefl that tho Japaneso'tho yelling, Kuri&liming, whisky- s been that anonymity was en- was pi turned that most of them wer- iU.! S h v hlSn
B SwfeKK Af?J22? r2,-i Principles set up by tho Civil Service American citizens were many times ladenf young .flattiMmn Americans, forced for tho protection of those held from Tulo Lake, Cal., segregatio. SjL'SWj ""?fffuN rf I
K i,JK&LAte.Si Sni Commission. unjustly discriminated against during who frequently itfend such dances hnd their families. center. "All hJV5w ?riSwifPK 1
SfiffiS ASSUS PRESIDENT ASKS REPORT 7811 SlSSt f tlJa'A'afa '"eluding Ja7n- "oftiS: I
H ho is roughing up the hazardous MI has como to my attontfcn .that a 1U4, 4 I P.n.I. under the Espionage Act. sago. fl
fl "enougH paths of many Japanese cons dcrablo number of loyal and PVhna lw avs seemed to mo tw mm cftSIn? Disposition of those cases was: Re- Other officers of the organization fl
H American returnees to California and qualified employees have been re- lngcd 0f bdn susXioS S tS' f in n ,to? nrd LmlSoS w t" nd. thnt' in ,thia ?no, ,en8 ,nt leased after preliminary hearings, 5,- 'ncludo T. Matsunaga, vice-president; fl
fl causing others to bo apprehensive. On fased transfer and re-employment mstcaa or bcinS auspicious of them, ed in so wcll-orderrt a manner, that I least, my confidence had not been mis- 79fi; deported, 1,193; died before any Mrs. Ken NIrIiI, secrctiry: K. Sugi- fl
B -the other hand, he is trying to aid solely because of race and creed," he placed. action could be taken, 149; paroled to moto, treasurer; and Y. Maruyama, 9
K qther returnees by protecting them said in a letter to all federal agency DON T CROWD UP BOYS! FAN DANCER J$ !.cems, to me .that !.n our Pious eitircn friends of family members, G,- -xudltor. Prominent Chicagonns such fl
B against vandals. heads. be vieiDi B ta ai i at Rifflri' fT tho "."Hl inbrond s 741; interned in American camps lo- Judge George L. Qulllci. Municipal fl
K m, lof-f J.inf wi.1!. '-mj Th!s condition is a Jolllmyrjf WILL DC YIS.IBLE TO ALL AT DANCE mo .thnn Possible that we can find cated at various parts of the country, Courts of Chicago: Denn Robert Red- fl
HI i. a 8t incident yh.!c.h PWtuwa civil service j:ules which flffWWBf right here at homo a golden opportu- 3,124; "miFcellancous," 59. field, University of Chicago; Dr. Har- fl
K !i,,,0rileL.enM A" latVdab,le "sued by the PresidenAjym- Dgjver JACL Christmas Ball pro- J and sorvicemcnciples, $2.50. J1.1 to demonstrate our much-pub- iM. ld W. Ruopp, president of tho fl
B n!ckunt' iuund bi, attc,mTPtlnK M tion of existing lavilWf5Wti!lrgram committee announces that it Evervono is invited to come Mn !icizcd th,eorlc8 In this aspect of wel- W r Church Pcdention of Greater Chlca- fl
ram-SS: Tht the President issued an e StfBBi SSiVi RadirMai""a SSil'BSS. T'ffit I
MfeW BiS fflSTSS SSS HJQ RAiP SERVICE 1 tACCOUNTS J J --'-J-nc. S,, J the advisory board of 1
V tfartl&VSJDMSfl.6 enf "IwSy has fee? brttled'TfS attractiqn? several Nisei artists will j 920 19IH id Denver. Colo. 2727 N. Speer Dlvd. P Denver ul I lh St.. Denver 2. cVu J
B ri ',a8, Justice Department is going onyfllt.e" i. if Pormw. H,.rci.,u.i S GL. 9298 Colorado X ALL RADIO BITPPLIR8 S fl
H helWor-leather, and with his depart- months in the House rules committee Th chriatmnn ball will hr i..ijs nEonB hihotI', imiii Kmtinffr iViiMiiiiiiiiiiixiiS 9
fl mental pocketbook full of money' hicK is dominated by Southern Wednesday e THE ROCKY SHIMPO fl
I 200 000). W many Japanese Democrats. thfsilveGlade room of The CosmS I fe-n"? tt ViuSW 44i444i444iiiiiiiii44i444ii4iiiiJ fl
K Amdrlean landowners by hailing them nolitan hotel Lontr or Rhort rfrnspq iQ"y rhonoBnw .NrediM. H TDI ctatc Diiccric r PUnwsHnD oaim H
I fU nrh charl e k SSrSe Tot. Tickets arf ava'ilab e UwwAwHWffit S TRI',SJTAE BUSSEIS PreSdltl aSSV-.UiSlrWlSe.4 1
presumption that tMey, or their fa-' 'Nowly Opened For Relocatees at the JACL office and tho Manchu rTTrT2:Tr 1 2h Anitnnl YRL C "AYOKI AR A RAI I urn Larimer Htrwt
I ulfZZif!cmw HOME-LIKE cniL Price is $3.50 peSSiosrtS i S ,zth An""al YBLC 5AYONARA BALL .c A, r fl
I 'd cUl land l?w Son tSch hotta RIrr, Hni.c X MANSEI-AN Stag;StaKettc Affair Happy Logan's Orchestra Silver Glade Room A0 Tct.nko To.u fl
I JiJw'nSfoJ'S! PPoromg "ouse T Pharmacy RESTAURANT I I Sunday' Dcccmber 30' 9'12 mldnlEht cosmopolitan n.t.i tf rzz: 1
I der a Supremo Court Scrutiny. 74G N. LaSalle St. Prescription. Filled X 8 r, Trf, WWMWWMWWWWWWSWWMWWM??? s"afZ: oa 9
R Thero you have the Attorney Gen-1 Chicago 10, Illinois FVeiT Citv DeHvflr? 2 Formerly 'ofJLos Angeles one 1200 fl
aaJBgas" tM,"il M" t-"-tanabE m,',, iwa-vK I i- 523 cS"iAABoE,As,Lscr WiZ., "esusmsssesu1 1 au-. y--TWJr'asjrTT! PvJ S9IB ?fti I MARK TWAIN I
I CHRISTMASdALL RL YOUNG Pi wJ2l T i-li WW T A Joy to have a joy to wear, became It's cool, RPAIITY CHOP 9
I X" II I V-fUINVaf Mae XllSakO IWaSaKl H .comfortable, jo completely beautiful. Call us coday DtAU I J iMUf H
;rt WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26, 9:00 P.M. Xlfi Insurance Agency j Jr"v I V for your Rilling COLD WAVE. 830 18th St. 10 A. M.-10 P. M.
II SILVER GLADE ROOM, COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL -H 604 Patterson Bldg. i PhoneXEjstone 9420 jii i-A OnASIII BEAUTY SALON KE. 9112 Owned and Operated by Nisei ffl
S $3.50 PER COUPLE EVERYBODY WELCOME SEMI-FORMAL V 1 Denver, Colorado L 9fi,h ot m nvAr- I ln w- division Mohawk 3446 S
X. 2 2 ;j33Z6tnbt. Jf Uenverrj, Avvv CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
A1: lS II

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Rokkī shimpō = Rocky shimpo (Denver, Colo.), December 24, 1945
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Rocky shimpo
Rockii shimpo
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Library of Congress
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Denver, Colo.
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Denver, Colo., December 24, 1945
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-  Japanese Americans--Colorado--Newspapers
-  Denver (Colo.)--Newspapers
-  Japanese Americans
-  Colorado
-  Colorado--Denver
-  United States--Colorado--Denver--Denver
-  Daily (except Sunday and holidays), Dec. 10, 1945-
-  Began in Apr. 1943.
-  Ceased June 6, 1961.
-  Extra editions accompany some numbers.
-  Collected in Japanese camp papers.
-  "Issued for benefit of the Nisei readers of America."
-  Available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
-  Also available in digital format on the Library of Congress website.
-  In Japanese and English.
-  Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 43 (Apr. 12, 1943).
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