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Serving In The Armed
Forces From Hunt
Including 206 Volunteers
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Published In two parts. Part I.
Volume IV, Number 13
Saturday, May 20, 1944
Residents Repair
Damage to Canal
1,800 Ft. of Sagebrush Rip-rap
Destroyed ty Fire Sunday Night
A force of about 85 volunteer evacuee laborers, recruited
by the community council began work Wednesday morning-
repairing an estimated 1,800 feet of np-rap damaged by a
fire on the Twin Falls-North Side Canal about three miles
below the project. The work was completed on Friday.
According to official reports released here, the fire was
reported Sunday evening tothe Canal company in Jerome by
a ditch rider. The rider said he came upon four Japanese
Elect Co-op
With tho expiration of tho Co-op
block delegates' term, the follow
ing now delegates were chosen from
their respective blocks lost Friday:
Blk. 1, Shinichl Teramoto, Shln
suko Matsul; Blk. 2, Shigcru Ma
sugi, Hakuta Fujloka; Blk. 3,
Morlsaburo Hlrano, Masaro Ima
mura; Blk. 4. Kikutaro Hashi
moto; Blk. 5, Tadasuke
Sato, Glzo Watanabe; Blk. 7,
Seljl BabaTaljlro Ikeda; Blk. 8,
Takujl Yamashlta, Kotaro Oiye;
Blk.- 12, Masayoshl Yamamoto,
James Sakoda; Blk. 14, Eiji Fujl
toml, Hiromu Nagal; Blk. 16, Kl-
yolchl Mlyohara, Shigeto Taml-
yasu; Blk. 17, Kantei Nakagawa,
Sunao Semba; Blk. 19, ElSuke Kan
no, George S. Akiyama; Bile. 21,
Qttiititv1rn Onanlrl llmlimotil Oma'
Blk. 22, Shigesaburo Fukuharaf
Blk. 24, Hideto Hosegawa, SeikichI
Osaka; Blk. 26. Takashl Hori, Ha
moo Hirabayashl; Blk. 28, Shujl
Ikeda, Morijl Takei; Blk: 29, Klyo
kichl Niloka, Genzo Mlyagawa;
Blk. 30, Shoshl Murakami,
Teruo Tsuboi; Blk. 32, Takajlro
Yoflhizawa; Blk. 34, Rikichl Maeda,
Etsuo NambarBlk.'SSfHItoshl'MP
ura, Fumio-Nakata; Blk; 36, Elzo
Nishl, Yoshito Fujii, Mitsugu Na
kata; Blk. 38, Rlsu Sano, Hiroshi
Mlyawo; Blk. 40, Konzo Kiyomizu,
Motosuko Hayasaka; Blk. 41, Rex
Yamashlta; Zenshiro Kikoshlma;
Blk. 42, Tasaemon Hara, Teruharu
Suzuki; Blk. 44, Shotaro Okumura,
Otochlko Ogura.
Results from Blks. 6, 10, 13,
15, 31, 37 and 39 wero unavailable
at press time.
Twin Falls Lab
Closes May 21-28
In order to attend the annual
Idaho Public Health Association
meeting, tho laboratory of tno De
partment of Public Health in Twin
Falls will bo closed May 21 to May
28 inclusive, according to Mrs.
Maxalyn Evans, chief nurse.
No pre-marital blood examina
tions will be given during the
period the laboratory is closed, Mrs.
Evans said. V

CHICAGO, 111. (Special) Ikuo Oyama, issei scholar and research
associate in the political science department at Northwestern University,
Evanston, Illinois, owes his life today to six pretty Caucasian girls, stu
dents at the university, who donated blood to save his life after a serious
abdominal operation. The Chicago Sun, in its April 26 issue carried a
five-column picture of Oyama thanking the girls.
setting fire to the rip-rap who ilea
on his approach and joined eight
others further upstream and all
disappeared in tho darkness. They
evidently had been fishing.
Officials of the Canal company,
on being notified by the rider came
to tho scene and extinguished the
fire. Monday morning tho dam
age was reported to Project Di
rector H. L. Stafford, who visited
the scene with tho members of the
Community Council. Tho council
immediately accepted responsibil
ity for repairing tho rip-rap with
volunteer labor at no cost to the
government or tho canal company.
In tho meantimo Project Director
Stafford announced that ho pains
are being spared to apprehend the
incendiaries, so that they, can be
turned to Jerome County 'author
ities for suitable action.
Elmer R, Smith, community an
alyst, loft Friday evening for Salt
Lake City. He will remain until
Family Interviews Now
Being Conducted Here
Having completed Blks. 1, 4 and 2, the family informa-
Ltion. survey WilUinterview residents of. Blk.42onMonday,
ana win continue aany interviews alternating-one uiuckhi
each area until the overallplanning program is completed, ac
cording to Joseph Beeson, relocation program officer.
The response of the people to the interviewing pro
gram has been very good, Beeson commented. "We feel the
program is developing much needed information to assure a
better administrative planning pro
gram," ho said.
A notice will be delivered to
each apartment in the block a day
beforo tho interviews will be held.
A representative of each family,
preferably the family head, is re
quested to contact the interviewer
between the hours of 9 a. m. and
4:15 p. m.
Any person unable to report for
Interviewing on tho scheduled day
will have an opportunity to com
plete the family outlook at a later
date, it was learned.
Beeson concluded that it Is es
sential to know at this time how
many families intend to relocate
and how many are planning to ra
f,ii-ip-i".iiN f
73 Percent Of
Nisei In U. S.
Never In Japan
Tho War Relocation Authority
revealed on May 11 that nearly
73 percent of American-born
Japanese havo never visited Ja
pan and 63 percent of those
who have visited Japan had no
schooling there, according to an
United Press report.
These figures were released
following a study by WRA of
Japanese aliens and American
citizens of Japanese ancestry
under its jurisdiction. A total
of 27,100 cases one-fourth of
the total number originally con
fined in relocation centers
wero checked, WRA said. Of
this number, 9,144 were report
ed born in Japan and 17,956 In
the United States. The figures
indicate that two-thirds are
American citizens
Safety Patrol
Tag Sale On
In conjunction with tho Hunt-
ville PTA Tag Sale for the Junior
Safety Patrol, the Stafford Parent
Teachers Association will hold
It's Tag Sale today and tomor
row, according to Mrs. Clarence
Aral, president.
A houso to house sale will be
conducted under the 'chairmanship
of Mrs. X. Kanda. Tno proceeds
will be used to purchase merit cer
tificates for the patrol members.
Generous cooperation from tho
residents is asked to make the
drive a success.
tion will bo used only to setup an
effective administrative program
and not to stimulate tho program
of relocation.
Dolan to Assist In
Family Interviews
Robert Dolan, assistant chief of
tho relocation division of Washing
ton, D. C, arrived In the .project
Wednesday, May 17, to visit the
relocation division to assist in the
family Interviewing program.
Ho will leave the project Mon-
May 22.
27 Men Report For Induction
As Army Clarifies 'Reserves'
Must Notify
Of Moving
The policy of tho war depart
ment in placing Japanese Ameri
cans in tho enlisted reserve corps
of tho army was explained recently
by Secretary Stlmson to Secretary
of Interior Harold L. Ickes.
"Japanese Americans now being
Inducted are transferred to an
inactive status in the enlisted re
servo corps and called to active
duty as rapidly as a sufficient
number, usually 250, is available
to fill a training unit at a replace
ment center," Stlmson stated.
"It Is not economical in training
tlmo or in personnel to train
smaller increment? and tho infil
tration of untrained men into train
ed units retards thilr training. The
transfer of individuals to the en
listed reserve has always been
utilized to control the flow of per
sonnel Into training establishments
or into units when tho nature of
tho flow Into the army was such as
to require this control," it was
further explained.
Information jegnrdlng the status
of men placed in the Enlisted re
serve corps was released recently
by Ft. Douglas to Ottis Peterson,
relocation supervisor of WRA in
tho Salt Lake area.
According to the bulletin recelv-
d from Ft. Douglas, men in the
reserve corpsmay move wherever
they like but nnist notify Ft.
Douglas and Indicate whether such
move Is temporary or permanent.
If temporary, they will remain
responsible to this. Ninth Service
Command at 'Ft Douglas. How
ever, if they move to a perman
ent location outeldo of the Ninth
Service. Command, -they. will -be
transferred to tfi jurisdiction of
tne service command witnin wmen
their new residence is located.
"When men are called for active
duty, their expenses will be paid
from the place they are living to
I their post of active duty.
Operations Division
In Need of Workers
Tho Operations division is in
desperate need of truck drivers,
electricians, carpenters, bollermen,
plumbers, painters,' and chicken
farm workers, it was revealed by
R. S. Davidson, assistant project
director in charge of operations.
Tho quota for the division is
1,350, but is short 400 workers.
Twenty-flvo evacuee workers
from here are now at the Hazclton
labor camp, Pat Day, chairman of
tho WFA, said. These workers are
available for nearby farmers.
Oyama was head of the Waseda University political science depart
ment before coming to Northwestern in 1931. While in Japan, he was
also a member of the Japanese parliament, but his opinions were 50
strongly opposed to imperialism that he denounced his native land follow
ing the invasion of Manchuria and sought refuge in this country.
Courtesy Chicago Sun.
ExSoldier Editor
Ex-Solcllcr News and Sports Edl
tor John Kanda Is pictured nbovo
just before he loft for Ft. Douglas
Wednesday evening. Ho Is a form
er Tulcan and Auburnlte, who
worked as a reporter beforo his
promotion to editor.
Ace reporter Yutaka Hlrano Is
now filling tho Soldier News and
Snorts Editorship vacated by
I Can da.
Hara Issues
Farm Report
An acreage of 056 will be plant
ed this year, with 105 acres plant
ed during the month of April, ac
cording to the monthly report by
tST'Hai-a; of tho ag division. Includ
ed will bo onion, nappa, eggplant,
lettuce, radish, turnips, carrots,
gobo, peas, alfalfa, etc.
Tho farm section is now employ
ing 154 men; tho livestock section,
83; tofu plant, 0; sowing plant, 4,
for a total of 250 men. Approxi
mately 400 men will be employed
In the very near future, the report
A total of 75 hogs have been
slaughtered, weighing 17,620 lbs.
Tho number of feeder hogs on hand
are 555; sows, 28; gilt, 27, and
boars, five. During April, 2,000
chicks were purchased, 6,344 grow
ing flocks and 4,461 laying flocks.
Eggs produced are 5,730 dozen, and
1,109 birds butchered .weighing
over 3tons.
The residents were supplied with
11,350 lbs. of taukemono. 000 lbs.
of miso and 11,086 cakes of tofu
Also judo jackets, cooks' shirts,
aprons, canvas gloves, etc., were
Hunt Inductees Leave For
Fort Douglas, Utah
On Wednesday
Hunt inductees, numbering 27, reported for induction
into the Army on Wednesday evening as a huge crowd
thronged about the main entrance bidding farewell. The
inductees boarded two chartered buses at the gate and left
for Twin Falls to entrain for Fort Douglrfs, Utah.
Whether these men will be placed on the enlisted re
serves after passing their final induction physicals' is not
known, since V. V. McLaughlin, assistant relocation program
39 Reservists
Report For
Active Duty
Thirty-nino enlisted reserves re
ported for actlvo duty on Tuesday
and Wednesday to Fort Douglas,
Utah, according to an unofficial
report from the leaves section.
These enlisted reserves had previ
ously reported for Induction at Fort
Douglas on April 27 and were
awaiting their call here.
The following are the men In the
enlisted reserves who reported:
Roy H. Andow, Joe Fujlta, Yoneo
Hachlya, Warren M. Hasegawa,
Hiroakl Hosokawa, Aklra B. Imai,
Bob Y. Ito, George T. Kanda,
Frank T. Katsuyama, Roy H. Ka-
wase, Kcnichl Kikuchi, Hideo Ki
yomura, Thomas T. Kuge, Yutaka
Kuge, Ted N. Kurahara, Mlnoru
Masuda, Jim T. Matsumoto, John
T. Miyahara Frank Y. Mlzukaml,
Mitsuo Mori, Shigoyoshi Murao,
Kenjlro Nakamura, Kcnji Namba,
Tom. T. Namba, Richard K. Ni
shlno, Henry I. Obata, Roy T.
Okabe, John M. Okamoto, Seljl
OkazakI, William T. Osaka, Ken
neth Oyama, John Y. Sadanaga,
Masaml Takenaga John Taklzaki,
George K. Tambara, Masaru Ta
mura, Edward Yada, Arthur T.
Yamada and Tetsuya Yoda.
Clean-up Day Held Over
Tho center-wide clean up day
which was scheduled for Thun
day afternoon was postponed un
til further date, according to A.
Lldin Fite, noting assistant pro
ject director in chargo of com
munity management.
Co-op Patronage Refunds
To Be Made In July
With the final Co-op auditing report finished for the
year, present indications show that the payments on the pat
ronage refunds will be made around the early part of July,
according to Shosuke Sasaki, executive secretary of the
L. T. Jones, auditor from the Northwest Cooperative
Smith Speaks
In Twin Falls
"Wo are on the verge of a tre
mendous democratic awakening
aimed at tho cultivation of more
wholesome race relations," stated
Elmer R. Smith, community an
lyst, before a group of nisei in
Twin Falls last Monday.
"A far-reaching and cooperative
program of inter-raclal action is in
the process of being organized and
put into action for the furtherance
of mutual acquaintance and mu
tual understanding of the common
interests," added Smith who is a
former assistant professor of an
thropology at the University of
Utah and has been studying nisei
problems for the past five years.
The speaker remarked that there
is a place for tho Japanese Amer
icans who prove themselves cap
able of carrying on In this crisis,
in tho significant economic, poli
tical and social surges of the next
few years.
"American citizens of Japanese
ancestry can and will stand should
er to shoulder with his fellow Am
ericans and work for the realiza
tion of a true democracy and a bro
therhood of man not only in name
but in reality," Smith concluded.
Seattle Property
Must Be Moved
All persons having property
stored on Uie first floor secUon
of Uie Europe Hotel In Seattle
ore requested to contact the
Evacuee Property Office In 22-5-A,
This location lias been ordered
cleared of all stored property by
the Seattle Fire Department.
officer in chargo of selective scr-
vice, is temporarily out of the cen
Acting corporals of the group
were Ben Sugawara and Roy Su
zuki. The inductees who reported
are: Joe Chihara, Robert Y.
Handa, Hachiro Hashlguchi, Su
sumu M. Kashiwagi, Kazuya Ki
mura, Tadao Kusunosc, Henry M.
Masaml Okada, Kiyoto B. Oki,
George S. Salto, Saburo Saito, Isaac
Sakuma, Shinobu Sakuma, Ben I.
Sugawara, Jun Watanabe, Geo. T.
Yamaguchi, Masakl Fujlhara, John
M. Kanda, Tsutomu Kanzakf, Ki
yoshl Kinoshlta, George Morihiro,
William Nakagaki, Haruto Seki
jima, Roy Suzuki, Hideo D. Tana
be, Yukio Yamauchi and Jack S.
Hagen Visits
Here May 24
Sheldon Hagen, representative of
tho Seattle Evacuee Property Of
fice, Is scheduled tcTarrive hero on"
May 24 and will meet with the resi
dents to discuss problems on prop
erty matter in Seattle and other
Pugct Sound areas on the same
night at 7:30 p. m. In Rcc. 22, ac
cording to the Community Council.
This meeting, which is sponsored
by the Community Council, will be
presided by Yoshito Fujii. chair
man of tho Council. H. W. Cox,
noting evacuee property officer;
Clarenco T Aral, Kcnji Ito and
Aklo Hoshlno of the Evacuee
Property Office, will be present at
the meeting to assist in answering
questions from the floor.
All evacuees Interested are urged
to attend this meeting with Hagen.
Auditing and Service Association
from Walla Walla, Washington,
left Tuesday afternoon after com
pleting the final audit report of
tho Cooperative for the past year.
Before his departure, Jonea mnde
an oral report before the Board of
Directors on the satisfactory oper
ation of the Cooperative.
The formal audit report will be
ready June 1, and one copy will
bo distributed to each block. Upon
the receipt of the formal audit re
port tho local Co-op accounting de
partment will begin work on pre
paration of the patronage refunds.
Chaplain Sends
Word to Parents
Of Men In 442nd
National headquartera of the Ja
panese American Citizens League
was requested to convey a message
to tho parents of the members of
the 442nd Combat Team which has
been training at Camp Shelby,
Mississippi, for the past year by
Chaplain Eugene West.
He stated:
"I must write UiLs word to tell
you that I am liappy to serve
your fino sons as chaplain. They
liave surely given mo warm and
whole-hearted support.
"I shall do all I can for them
under all and any conditions. I
shall toko your places as much
as possible. In every deed and
word I shall be thinking of you
and wiU do my best for you and
for them.
"God Bless You.
"FalUifully yours,
Thomas Eugene West."

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